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Ankle Biters is for Sale, well, for GIVE AWAY, actually.

Proudly broadcast by... Love Bytes Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To give away - 1 x online business named Ankle Biters. This is a genuine offer. No stock will be included though. We will give it away, BUT it must go to a good home - one with heart, who can & will drive Ankle Biters to the place it deserves to be. U must have motivation & be able to see the potential in my "baby"...

Included in this offer is the ankle biters website, including domain, working ecommerce website, all intellectual property and artwork, the ankle biters blog, the ankle biters facebook page & twitter account, and almost completed community forum. The site already has a lot of traffic driven towards it, with approx. 5000 unique hits per month. Google Analytics & Stat Counter have been set up to monitor this & are included in the give away. Ankle Biters currently has a Google Page Ranking of 4.

Also a full list of product suppliers/sources will be given to the new owner. All of the hard work has been done! Lastly, we will continue to drive around the Ankle Biters car as a moving billboard for the new owner for 12 months following the change of hands. This will give ongoing advertising in the Bris/Sunshine Coast/Gold Coast areas - and it really works, - we have people saying to us all the time "we saw the car, and checked out your website" etc.

You need to know in advance that Ankle Biters is not yet making a profit. By our calculations, I would estimate that it will be another 12 months or so before it is. Ever since we were hit with the internet scam thing last year, we have been struggling to tread water, and I have just spread myself too thinly to take it any further.

BUT, I can tell you this - in 2009, Ankle Biters took precisely $78 523.21 and just over $28k, in our bricks and mortar store, between the day we opened on 29 August last year, up to 31 December (so exactly 4 months really). Meaning that in total, in 2009, Ankle Biters turn over was about $106,000 and it still was not enough to keep us going. Had we continued at the same rate, through-out 2010, we *should* have had a combined turnover of $170k.

However, if we look at the figures properly, and compare them with 2008, Ankle Biters has actually achieved a growth rate of amazing proportions really, as our TOTAL turnover for all of 2008, was only $24k. This means that comparably speaking, our 2008 turnover was only 22.6% of 2009 or that we had a growth in turnover of just over 440% between 2008 and 2009. Meaning that potentially, if the rate of growth continued 440%, 2010, COULD have a projected turnover of $466 400 between the combined efforts of the bricks and mortar and online stores. Or, if I let myself dream a little longer, if that rate of growth (440%) continued for another year, it could translate to a 2011 turnover of $2 052 160!!

Of course, as we just don't have the means to continue to support Ankle Biters for the time it will take to achieve such growth, that is not going to happen, and there are many other factors to consider such as the fact that we are no longer stocking Baby Jogger strollers which contributed greatly to our 2009 turnover.

Even so, it is also worth remembering that despite this seemingly good amount of turnover, Ankle Biters is yet to make a profit, and I have NEVER paid myself a wage either, every spare cent I have had has gone directly back into stock and store fit out, advertising etc. We take the occasional drawings here and there, and allow ourselves the luxury of the use of stock, such as nappies, cleaning products etc from the store when we need it, but that is about it, to date.

Ankle Biters has such amazing potential, for the right person, but they will need to have not only the motivation and the inspiration to do it, but the financial means as well. Money needs to be spent on advertising and marketing to really get the site cranking as it should be. Ever since we were ripped off, sales have been slow and the bulk of our business has come through the bricks and mortar store (which we are also shutting down). It is hard to know if it is because of the global financial crisis or if our customers have lost faith in us since i shared our situation so publicly, but whatever the reason, despite the fact that the hits to the website are still there, the sales are too quiet now for us to afford to carry it any longer.

As I said, we will GIVE it away, but it must be to the right person, one who has it in their capacity to help Ankle Biters realise the potential that it has. I have worked my butt off for over 2 years to make it what it is. Everything about Ankle Biters was done by me personally. It is very hard for me to part with it, but my heart knows that it is what I need to do for my family. It sucks in a major way to be doing this now, and never having been able to reap the benefits of the work that I have put in, but we have simply no resources left, except for my own energy, and even that is waning at the moment....

(Although, in saying this, I would do backflips if somebody were able to come to me and recognise the true potential that Ankle Biters has, and the work that has gone into it up to now, and say to me "here's $10k, hand it over to me, and i will make it soar!". Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, in this world would ease the ache in my soul right now then to be able to hand over $10k to my mother that we owe to her. If our car wasn't leased, I would happily sell it off for $10k and take the train everywhere for the amount of relief that it would give to us. Fact is, that aside from our car, and Ankle Biters, we own nothing else of any value that we could sell to get that money to her).

I want this year to be a year of recovery for us, and sadly, this is the first step towards that. I simply need to get over my own ego, and do what is best for my family, and not keep going with Ankle Biters simply because it is something that I have built and am proud of for my own sake.

If anyone is still interested after reading this, please email me directly on"

1 Responses to Ankle Biters is for Sale, well, for GIVE AWAY, actually.

  1. I am so sorry to see this happen to you...I too hope it goes to a gr8 home...You have put so much time and energy into your baby. This is a great opportunity that you are giving someone to start their own little business. Fingers crossed for you...What are your plans for 2010 if this offer is taken up? We hope to see you around the traps and not dissapearring alltogether.
    Take care talk soon...