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Babyjo Bamboo Clothing & Blankets now in store!

Proudly broadcast by... Love Bytes Monday, June 1, 2009 1 responses

We absolutely love bamboo fibre at Ankle Biters. The eco and health benefits of wearing bamboo are just phenomenal! You can read more about it here: Why Bamboo?!

In my travels, I was lucky to come across Jo, of Babyjo! Jo has designed a beee-u-ti-ful range of bamboo basics for little babies, including bamboo blankets that are simply to die for!

Now at the moment, Babyjo is awaiting their newest consignment containing a brand new range of garments for 2009, but lucky for us, we were able to secure a limited number of remaining pieces from last season!

We now have in stock the all in one long sleeved romper with feet to keep those little toesies warm, as well as the long sleeved romper (no legs so PERFECT to wear with our gorgeous organic Huggalugs!)...

Both pieces are available in a soft cream (natural) colour with either a baby blue or baby pink Babyjo Panda logo on the front. Sooooo cute!

Only available in the one size - 3-6 months/00, but very generously sized and would fit a smaller baby right up to 9 months old. Neo is 9 months old and wearing one in this pic:

At the risk of gushing, I will now mention the gorgeous baby blankets!! A good friend of mine just had her first little gal, and one of these is now on its way to her!! I just love these blankets. Generously sized, with a choice of 3 gorgeous colours as pictured here:

Oops, crying baby, gotta go, but don't forget it's only 4 more sleeps until Greenfest!!

tan. :)