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Christmas Trade & other stuff...

Proudly broadcast by... Love Bytes Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hey everyone,

Well after much logistical juggling, I have finally been able to work out our opening hours for Christmas & New Year!

Mon 14 Dec - CLOSED Tue 15 Dec - CLOSED

Wed 16 Dec - noon-6.30pm
Thurs 17, Fri 18 Dec - 9am - 6.30pm

Sat 19 & Sun 20 Dec - 10am - 5pm

Mon 21, Tues 22 & Wed 23 Dec - 10am-6.30pm

Friday 25 Dec - Sun 3 Jan 2010 - CLOSED

Mon 4 Jan & Tues 5 Jan - noon - 6.30pm

Wed 6 Jan - Mon 11 Jan - CLOSED

Normal trading to resume from Tues 12 Jan.

Our website will be open for normal trade during the entire Christmas & New Year period. If you are a Brisbane local, please feel free to order your emergency supplies (nappies, wipes etc) via for FREE delivery to your home during this time!

If you are not local to Brisbane, please expect that your deliveries may take a little longer than usual due to public holidays affecting postal and courier services.

So, I am having a 3 day weekend this weekend, (closed tomorrow, Mon & Tues) to allow me to build up some steam for the ensuing 9 days straight of 7 and 10 hour days to follow.

I am hoping that I don't have to have Destructo Boy and his ever-ready side kick Demolition Girl in the shop too much, but if I do, please be patient as it is school holidays and I don't have many willing babysitters to call in favours from!

If you should enter the shop and see me red in the face, perspiration on my forehead, and frazzled hair, it isn't because of the weather, just the exertion of trying to contain a 3yo and a 16 month old in a shop that is currently a Christmas themed veritable children's wonderland!

We have heaps of stocking stuffers and some gorgeous new products that may not make it to the website (I do need to sleep at least a couple of hours a day!), so come in and have a "play" with our stuff! Oh, and those bearing gifts of chocolate will be warmly welcomed! :)

Don't forget too that next week is "Orange" week (starting tomorrow!), and we have some very special surprises in the works!!


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